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Safe driving seminar is obligatory for every driver.

It's a seminar for defensive, safe everyday commuting, proper for all ages and all drivers. I teaches the secrets of correct and defensive driving, by giving the needed information to the driver through a specific methodology which improves his perception, his skills and finally his road behavior.

It trains him to take advantage of all the modern safety features cars are equipped (ABS,ESP,EBD) and understand the dynamics of the car: How we brake correctly, how we negotiate with corners and how we make our driving smoother and with higher quality by making less moves.

Also in the Eco driving part we teach the knowledge and the techniques in order to take advantage of the engine's 'ideal' operating revving range and traffic conditions, thus minimizing fuel consumption and Co2 emissions.

The experience of the instructors and the advanced means of training that we provide, guarantee the perfect result. This seminar is being subsidized by the government when it comes to professional training of a company's employees.

It is addressed to:

• Drivers who want to improve their driving skills apart from just getting a driver's license

• Drivers who want to know the capabilities and the correct reactions in modern cars.

• New drivers who want to gain experience and confidence in their everyday routes.

• Drivers who have a high annual mileage in different conditions (towns, highways, B roads)

• Drivers who acknowledge the dangers and the difficulties in traffic and wish for a focused training for responsible and safe driving.

• Executives and employees, who through subsidized training assure safe transportation and more mature road behavior and less accidents.






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