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The car control seminar is the most popular seminar. It teaches in the most effective way the correct reactions and the behavior a driver must have when he loses control of his vehicle in an unexpected situation. Also it teaches him with all the right techniques and knowledge in order to have control of his vehicle at all times, be prepared for the unexpected and have knowledge of the limits and the dynamics of cars. Driving in the limit has nothing to do with speed, but with the given conditions. Sometimes even 20 kph can be over speeding leading to the loss of the car's control. This loss can lead to the diversion of the car's course, that can cause a crash. In Driving Academy we offer the perfect and safest conditions in order to learn all the secrets that you have learnt while you got yours driver's license and can save your life.

It is addressed to:

• All the drivers who want to be prepared for the dangerous and unexpected road conditions.

• Drivers who want to become familiar with the dynamic reactions of the vehicles and learn the moves that can eliminate and save us from a false reaction.

• Drivers who drive frequently in limited grip conditions(rain, snow, etc) and want to feel safe with their driving.

• Drivers who want to improve their skills in general.

• Drivers who want to know the limits, the behavior of the car when reaching them and the proper, mental and responsible driving.






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