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The High performance seminar is addressed to those drivers who have increased demands, want to compete in track days and want to take advantage of the capabilities of their cars. Also, the seminar is suitable for drivers who want more experience and knowledge on how to drive on public roads, understand the limits, and learn the correct and safe lines a car should follow on the road and thus enjoying themselves in the proper conditions with maximum safety.

The High performance seminar is divided in 2 levels of training. The successful completion of the first can lead to the second level.

Advanced Level:

Grip limits, Car dynamics, understeer, oversteer-smoothness-corner understanding, phases-understanding and exploration of ideal lines, correct braking and gear selection, introduction in telemetry

Pro Level:

Variations of ideal lines-late braking-heel and toe shifting, effect of car setup, explanation of telemetry, psychology whilst driving, Application of all taught techniques, evaluation through telemetry data.

It is addressed to:

• Amateur and Experienced drivers who seek for high level training, whether they have increased demands or because the own a car that needs a skillful driver.

• Drivers who want to take part in track days and want to enjoy with safety and effectives driving in a circuit

• Drivers who want to improve to the maximum possible level their driving potential.

• Drivers who want to practice , have fun and train in a safe and controlled environment, without having to use their car and all the accessories(tyres,petrol)




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