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The Drift techniques seminar is advisable to the owners of rear wheel drive and 4 wheel drive cars

It's an advanced technique seminar which is divided in 3 levels (amateur-advanced-pro) and teaches all the secrets and the techniques to gain full control of the car and especially oversteer. The seminar is based in the high level standards of training of the Japanese D1GP championship drivers, which is the most competitive and demanding in the world.

All instructors that teach in this seminar have been trained and qualified in 2006 by the D1GP representative and 2005 champion, YasuyukiKazama, who visited Athens exclusively for Driving Academy.

The Drift Techniques seminar consists of 3 levels.The successful completion of the first can lead to the second level.

• Amateur Level

Theory, driving position, counter steer, change of direction with the use of handbrake, throttle control , car control with throttle,brake and steering, powersliding, wet Skid pad

• Advanced Level

Theory, Skid pad Level 2, Ideal lines, weight transition, oversteer with shift lock, continuous oversteer in a figure of 8 scheme level 1

• Pro Level

Theory, continuous oversteer in a figure of 8 scheme level 2, Oversteer with e-brake in the corner entry, oversteer with dynamic weight transition in the corner entry, final application of all taught techniques in a course

The seminars can be done either with our fleet of cars (arrive and drive) or with your car. We have chosen some legendary vehicles which offer high amounts of pleasure but most importantly the perfect base for training.

In the second case, Driving Academy doesn't offer the supplies of the car like tyres and petrol and is not responsible for any damages that might occur to the car during the seminar.





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