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Driving Academy has huge experience in training corporate executives. Today's demands and traffic conditions, make a modern approach in drivers training a necessity in order to have the maximum level of safety in everyday conditions. Defensive and safe everyday driving is proper for all ages and drivers.

Our seminars fulfill the government demandings for subsidized seminars and can be custom made to its companies needs. From safe commuting to a city environment, up to long distance driving, driving in hazardous conditions, off-road driving, or large vehicle driving. Whatever you need, we have a seminar that will suit your demands.

Driving Academy has a fleet of 14 vehicles with recording devices that can serve every seminar.

Our methodology teches the secrets of proper and safe driving, offering the needed knowledge to the driver by improving the perception, the abilities and finally the driving behaviour. We train the drivers to the new safety features that cars are equipped with such as ABS and ESP and to the dynamic behaviour of cars which includes correct braking and corner negotiation and on how we can make our driving of higher quality and smoother by making less moves.

We give high attention to the modern way of commuting with cars which is economic driving.

Through our specified methodology we can drop a driver's average consumption from 0.5 to 5 lt/100km, depending on each driving style and vehicle that he/she uses. Such a decrease in fuel consumption can help save from 130 to 1300 euros per year (15000 km per year), and helps the environment by reducing CO2 emmisions.

Our seminars as previously reffered are subsidized by the LAEK 0,45% program which includes professional training programs of employers.





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